U.S. records more than 90,000 COVID-19 cases in one day for the first time.

The record also came after the U.S. logged more than 9 million total Covid-19 cases Thursday, only hours after reporting a single-day record crossing 80,000 cases for the first time.

The United States reached a daily record for coronavirus when more than 90,000 cases were reported on Thursday, according to the latest NBC News tally. More than 30 states reported more than 1,000 cases.

The new benchmark of 90,456 cases was hit Thursday just hours after the U.S. logged its9 millionth coronavirus case and shattered the previous daily record of 80,662 infections, set a day earlier.

And with Election Day now just days away, the grim numbers stood in sharp contrast to President Donald Trump’s oft-repeated campaign claim that “we are rounding the turn” on the pandemic.

Reports of Covid-19 infections are increasing across the United States at the fastest rate since the start of the pandemic.

The World Health Organization advised governments to maintain positivity rates at 5 percent or lower for 14 days before reopening, but according to the John Hopkins Covid-19 tracking project, 35 states and territories were above the positivity rate, as of Friday morning.


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