Cohortias – The research landscape of Latin America.

Analysts at the Institute for Scientific Information report on the research profiles of 34 countries in South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.
latin america

The research landscape of Latin America

Latin America is a broad and diverse region that includes not only South America, but also Central America, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. In our latest Global Research Report, we assess the research profile of 34 countries in this wide region – with a climate and landscape which ranges from Tierra del Fuego, through the Amazon and the heights of the Andes, to the rich rainforests of Central America.

It is a region of exceptional ecological significance and has been a source of products and innovation with economic and social impact for centuries.

Uncovering strengths and opportunities

We explored in another recent Global Research Report how subject diversity in a region’s research portfolio contributes to stability, resilience and innovation in its ecological and economic systems. In Latin America, research subject diversity has risen in most of the larger countries, driven both by domestic growth and by international collaborations, but our analysis also reveals that regional collaboration is uniformly low.

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) identifies the need for a trans-national research organization. Pooling some part of national resources could drive shared programs and projects of mutual benefit, accelerating the pace of innovation across the region.

latin america


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