Getting your trial back on track

Rescue Studies

Step 1

Develop Rescue Plan

Create a tailored rescue plan focusing a on resolving current recruitment issues

Step 1

Step 2

Review Parameters

Analyze and review all of the study parameters

Step 2

Step 3

Identify Issues

Identify key issues preventing study success

Step 3

Step 4

Study Schedule

Lay out an aggressive study schedule to get it back on track

Step 4

Step 5

Regain Momentum

Implement solutions to regain lost time and momentum

Step 5

Efficient Patient Recruitment


With our Global Headquarters in Latin America, we offer first-hand knowledge of the region. This allows us to guarantee better results in patient recruitment when compared to other global CROs.

We guarantee to significantly increase your study recruitment, regain lost time, and get your study back on track!

Recent Experience on Rescue Studies

SPIRE I Metrics

Study performed in high risk subjects who were receiving background lipid lowering therapy and specific cholesterol laboratory values

Services Included


Site Management


Regulatory Guidance and Submissions per country


Monitoring & Data Management


Clinical Operations Management

Therapeutic Area Expertise

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