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Our main goal is providing a hassle-free alternative to our clients through our infrastructure in Latin America (LATAM), we offer an easier way to launch trials and clinical studies following high quality standards and applicable legislation.

Our service vocation is based on a unique team, capable of blending their academic training with a global business mindset to bring the highest level of quality and operational excellence, this has prompted us to adopt a quality management model and the implementation of a quality policy that is based on the following premises:


Commitment and compliance with the requirements of our clients to provide solutions to their needs.


Always enforce excellent operations, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and excellence, aiming to increase competitiveness and creating added value for our clients.


Know and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply in Clinical Research and aligned to ICH guidelines and compliance with FDA requirements.


Engage our staff with their contributions, applying innovation and continuous improvement to provide a better service.


Establish, review and constantly evaluate our quality objectives.

We are the CRO of Latin America


The Cohortias' Focus

Estudios clínicos en méxico

our efforts are focused on different areas of action:

Constant training of our staff through annual training plans

Encourage commitment to quality at all levels of our organization

Identify opportunities for improvement in our management system that allow us to constantly adapt to changes in the market

Cohortias’ Management assures that its quality policy is understood, implemented and updated at all levels of our organization, and that it’s available to all relevant stakeholders. As well as updating their quality objectives, which are continuously evaluated.

Subsequently, we implement a firm commitment to specify and update these objectives, which are also periodically evaluated and approved by our Senior Management.

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Why Latin America?

Several factors contribute to Latin America being a region of choice to conduct your clinical trials:

Patient Access

Over 600 million inhabitants and 80% urban population. Large metropolitan areas provide patient concentrations for stronger enrollment.

Compliance & Retention

Strong patient-doctor relationship built upon the health infrastructure of each country, this is why drop-out rates in the region are one-third to those of US and EU.

Lack of Language Barrier

Only 2 languages - Spanish and Portuguese. With many english bilingual (English is predominant in the region).

disease prevalence

Cardiovascular, arthritis, cancer, and infectious diseases are as prevalent as in the United States.
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