Our Science

Every clinical study requires expert guidance from beginning to end, and when it comes to outsourcing clinical trials, it is vital that this guidance comes from regional experts. That is why Cohortias has partnered with Academic Leaders and Renowned Scientists and Physicians throughout Latin America.

This network implements a peer-to-peer model, in which their involvement is the basis of each one of our studies. Their expertise and guidance are implemented in every turn of the study process. This peer-to-peer model grants direct lines of communication which are vital to ensure study success.  Our network has direct contact with Local Authorities, Sites, CRAs, Regulatory Experts and with our Sponsors.

Track Record

In the past five years, our scientists have supported more than 1,000 clinical trials, completed more than 10,000 pharmaceutical development projects and worked with more than 1,600 different compounds. We put this collective experience to work every day, for every client to understand the individual needs of each program, to deliver high-quality data and to meet timelines and budget goals.