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Latin America is hardly the latest new region to be discovered for conducting pharmaceutical clinical trials; global pharmaceutical companies have been running clinical trials in Latin America for over 20 years. Nonetheless, the region is noteworthy because it has not being a major player for multinational studies. Even though the standard-of-care and regulatory requirements are ideal to take on large scale studies and even experimental Phase I Studies

From our network throughout the region, we’ve seen first-hand the limited access to Clinical Trials due to the lack of clinical studies being conducted in the region. Cohortias acts as a response to that, by providing the region with high standards of clinical practices and by showcasing capabilities that South America offers to Sponsors around the world.

Our commitment is to make the point of why Latin America is highly competitive. We do that by meeting with clients worldwide,  attending to conferences/seminars, and by giving our Sponsors a tour of our network in Latin America.

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Scientific Rigor

Every trial is different and every project requires a well-thought-out solution to ensure success. When you work with Cohortias, you get access to our highly regarded network of scientists, physicians, industry thought leaders and therapeutic experts.

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