Europe tops Americas in daily COVID-19 cases.

Latin America reports highest number of confirmed cases globally

Europe has surpassed the Americas in the number of daily coronavirus cases.   

The region, which is enduring a second COVID-19 wave, is reporting around 200,000 daily infections, more daily cases than India, Brazil and the US combined. 

Meanwhile, the American continent is registering nearly 100,000 coronavirus cases daily. 

However, Latin America is the region with the highest number of confirmed cases globally, at more than 10.6 million, accounting for more than a quarter of the cases worldwide, while Europe has so far reported about 7.8 million total coronavirus cases. 

“Fighting this pandemic is not a one-time effort. It requires a sustained response, even in places where transmission is down. We must keep it up,” Etienne said in a PAHO press briefing. “The pandemic is not behind us, and the threat of new cases remains active everywhere. And that’s why countries must remain in control of the virus while we await the arrival of a safe and effective vaccine.”

PAHO is also working with the Inter-American Development Bank to help countries access funding needed to purchase vaccine doses through COVAX once available.


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