COVID-19 Trials in Mexico

The response from researchers towards the COVID-19 disease pandemic has been strong. This response, now more than ever, needs to see Mexico as a key player.

There is no vaccine available against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infections (SARS-CoV-2) or any medications with proven clinical efficacy, although there are several candidates that could be effective in prevention or treatment. Encouragingly, the response from the research community to the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) has been strong.

Tracking of WHO – COVID-19 Vaccine Development reports

According to the latest WHO report (July 2, 2020) there are 149 vaccines under development for COVID-19, 19 of them under clinical evaluation.

  • On June 29, 2020, the WHO reported 149 vaccines. 17 in clinical evaluation
  • On June 22, 2020, the WHO reported 142 vaccines. 13 in clinical evaluation
  • On June 9, the WHO reported 136 vaccines. 10 in clinical evaluation
  • On June 2, the WHO reported 133 vaccines. 10 in clinical evaluation
  • On May 27, the WHO reported 131 vaccines. 10 in clinical evaluation
  • On May 22, the WHO reported 124 vaccines. 10 in clinical evaluation
  • On May 15, the WHO reported 118 vaccines in development. 8 in clinical evaluation
  • On May 11, the WHO reported 110 vaccines in development. 8 in clinical evaluation: 
  • On May 5, the WHO reported 108 vaccines in development
  • On April 11, the WHO reported 70 vaccines in development.
  • On April 23, the WHO reported 83 vaccines in development
  • As of July 6, Clinical Trial reports 2,182 clinical studies related to Covid-19. 36 of them in Mexico.

Why choose Mexico to conduct a COVID-19 related clinical trial? 

Mexico has ideal characteristics to host clinical research:

  • A demographic profile that enables large-scale patient recruitment with a diverse epidemiological profile.
  • A health system with a diversity of options for doing research.
  • Competitive costs.
  • Hospital infrastructure.
  • Trained researchers.
  • Regional leadership in the export of pharmaceutical products.

Furthermore, as clinical investigations are complex processes that require the participation of various institutional actors, in Mexico there is a whole structure of these institutions, which represents an advantage when you want to undertake research of this type:

  • There are around 300 Research Ethics Committees – (300 Registered before Conbioética)
  • Research Committees
  • Biosafety Committees
  • There are around 400 research sites in Mexico
  • There are 9 Enabled Predictive Support Units (UHAP)
  • Clinical laboratories specialized in clinical trial trials
  • Experienced customs and related agents


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