Cohortias – Contract Research Organization of Latin America.

Global pharmaceutical companies have been running clinical trials in Latin America for over 20 years.
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Cohortias the CRO of Latin America

Continued consolidation in the industry by global CROs has made this need more apparent and even more acute. By working with large global CROs, with inflexible one-size-fits-all procedures, global blended rates and disregard of local/regional idiosyncrasies, drug development companies are not able to fully unlock the tremendous potential that Latin America can offer.

Cohortias fill this gap, providing development companies, as well as other CROs, the opportunity to work with a credible regional niche CRO provider in Latin America.

latin america

Our strengths include:

  1. Local network that understands the expectations of international clients, as well as the requirements and demands of international clinical protocols.

  2. Ability to understand local/regional idiosyncrasies, as well as our Sponsors’ expectations, makes us a perfect cultural fit and allows us to effectively act as a conduit and facilitator between all parties.

  3. Broad infrastructure with set-up and connections that makes us agile and efficient throughout the clinical trial process.

  4. Experienced Project Team is assembled according to your specific need whilst our scalability and flexibility allows us to react and adapt as your needs evolve.

  5. We work locally and regionally to execute and deliver to FDA quality standards.

Whether you are looking for a long-term partner for your clinical development program in Latin America or grappling with a particular issue for which you need advice, Cohortias can help you.

Having enrolled over 14,500 participants across Latin American to-date, Cohortias continues to play a leading role in our Sponsors´ success stories.


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