Cohortias – Main activities of CROs.

CROs can contribute with key knowledge and contacts that sponsors do not have

Main activities of CROs

There are different types of CROs, depending on the specific services they offer. Typically, CROs are segmented in discovery, preclinical, clinical, and laboratory services.

What clinical trial services does CROs offer?

The main clinical trial services offered by CROs are regulatory affairs, site selection and activation, site management, monitoring, data management, logistics management, Pharmacovigilance, biostatistics, medical writing, and project management.

Some CROs (considered as “full service”) may offer all the services indicated above, while other CROs specialize in specific tasks only.

What regions does CROs cover?

CROs of different sizes have capabilities to cover more or less territories. There are small CROs focusing on one single country only, while larger companies are able to handle clinical trials in several nations. The largest CROs in the market are considered “global” and can manage big studies across multiple sites and continents.

What are the advantages of subcontracting a CRO?

By taking care of the numerous demanding operational tasks involved in clinical trials, CROs liberate sponsors to focus on their core business. 

In addition, CROs can contribute with key knowledge and contacts that sponsors do not have. For example, due to their experience, local CROs know and can facilitate the names of the best clinical sites and investigators in a specific therapeutic area to ensure high patient enrollment rates.



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