Cohortias, conducting 3 clinical studies of COVID-19 in Mexico and Brazil

We are proud to announce our participation in Mexico and Brazil conducting clinical studies to combat COVID-19.

As part of the national efforts to combat the current pandemic, at Cohortias we are proud to contribute our grain of sand by collaborating in various clinical studies related to COVID-19 in Mexico and Brazil. From therapeutic implementations, antibody studies with convalescent plasma and now with the participation of patients for the development of vaccines, today we can firmly say that we are on the right track to end the current pandemic.

In Cohortias we have been allies of brilliant minds that have given us the opportunity to conduct their studies both in Mexico and in Brazil. Our role as CRO is nothing more than a vehicle to make all their effort come true, for which we could not be more grateful.

Our mission has been and will continue to be, to provide access to clinical studies in regions that lack this opportunity. Today more than ever, we realize how vital it is to guarantee this opportunity to people who usually lack clinical studies in their communities, as Mexico and Brazil are two of the countries most affected by the pandemic. Most of the population is looking for an urgent option in the face of the growing alarm of infections and deaths caused by COVID-19, and the clinical studies in which we are currently collaborating have undoubtedly contributed in the fight against COVID-19.

Finally, we want to thank our team of researchers, clinical monitors, operations directors, and regulatory staff for their tireless efforts and for the risks they have decided to take for the common good. At Cohortias we will continue to work for your well-being and we can never thank you enough for all your effort that all of you have put in over the last few months.


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