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Mexico Has Immense Clinical Research Capabilities And Benefits. Conducting Clinical Trials In Mexico Grants You Affordable Costs And A Robust Regulatory System.
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Clinical Research

Mexico is quickly becoming a major player in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. It’s the number one exporter of medical devices in Latin America and 8th in the world, as well as a leading exporter of pharmaceutical products in Latin America. It’s easy to see why Mexico is a top choice for a clinical research partner.

Recently, Pro México released a brochure outlining Mexico’s clinical research capabilities and benefits. With an office in Mexico and a total of three offices in South America, Medpace sees the immense value of this advantageous landscape for conducting clinical research. We’re happy to pass on the facts that make Mexico an ideal place to conduct clinical research.

clinical research

Ideal Patient Population

Mexico has a diverse demographic profile giving it enormous potential for the recruitment of patients on a large scale. Researchers have experience in all therapeutic areas and population groups (children, adults, and senior citizens) as well as experience in implementing a diverse epidemiological profile that includes transmissible, non-transmissible, chronic-degenerative and rare diseases. The IMSS and other national health institutions potentially have access to over 70% of the country’s diverse patient population.

Setter of Regulatory Trends

Researchers are trained in the most stringent regulatory standards in a framework that sets out criteria for the conducting of clinical trials on human subjects. These are comprehensive regulations that allow for the conducting of all research phases and the use of innovative models and designs. Pursuant to regulations currently in force, if a clinical research trial includes Mexican patients, Mexico has the option of being the first country in the world to authorize the registration of a molecule. Mexico has more than 120 ethics committees for the approval of research protocols.

Competitive Advantages

The Mexican health system offers a range of clinical research alternatives in both the private and public sectors, where health care services are extremely diversified. They have competitive costs and a high level of specialization at all clinical research phases. Mexico’s time zone is aligned with key research centers worldwide and the region’s major cities.

Cohortias the CRO of Mexico and Latin America

With its growing advantages, we encourage sponsors to consider Latin America for clinical research, especially during the early phases of development. Cohortias is committed to the region and has developed the operational infrastructure, regulatory know-how, and site relationships to deliver quality results.

Here are a few regional highlights including:

  • Over 15 year history in Mexico
  • Local based offices in ArgentinaBrazil, Mexico and Colombia. (Staffed with our own personnel, no freelancers)
  • Access to qualified, reliable, committed and experienced healthcare professionals with culturally stronger patient-physician relationships that facilitates enrollment and adherence


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