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We operate in a people’s business where personal contact and good communication make a huge difference. From finding sites, helping in the recruitment process or resolving queries, they exploit such interpersonal skills as the basis for our success.

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Our Leadership

Executive Director

Martín Hernández-Torre

Chief Medical Officer
Academic physician who was the Dean of Monterrey Tech Medical School. He was Academic Vice-President for TecSalud, and also Dean of the School of Biotechnology & Health. He has also been Vice-president for International Relations & Development for TecSalud.

He was a Board Member of the Association of Academic Health Centers 2017-2019, and Board Member of Universitas 21, the leading global network of research universities for the 21st century. He was also Board Member at Clinica Nova.

Currently, an active member of the National Researchers System (SNI) Level 1 in Mexico and AIM Global Consultant – AAHCI, first Latin American Academic leader invited for this position. Martin is a Internal Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialist from Baylor College of Medicine, where he received the Henry D. McIntosh award as chief resident. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from UT
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Experienced Clinical Team

Operations Management

Francisco García Velez

Managing Director
Francisco graduated in Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and coursed the Executive MBA program at Universitat de Barcelona. He is a Clinical Research professional with 20 years of experience in R&D, focused on Clinical Operations, new products pipeline definition and KOL identification for LatAm.

He has been a director of global projects for most of therapeutic areas including vaccines, biologics, medical devices and post marketed products in global and local Pharmaceutical Companies as well as a global CRO. He has been focused on ensuring a sustained progression of the organizations in LatAm.

As of April 2021, he joined Cohortias as a Director of Clinical Operations.
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Samantha Rodriguez

Study Start up Manager
MBA professional with more than 20 years of experience in Clinical Trials. With a specialization in Healthcare Systems Management and knowledge of overall Regulatory Authority and EC/IRB process, responsible for start-up phase, submissions and approval process with local ethic committees and Ministry of Health.

Samantha has advanced knowledge in local regulatory process, applicable local regulations, ICH guidelines and GCP’s. Expert in critical chain management of projects, Quality process of documentation & development of regulatory strategies for clinical research process across phases II-IV and COVID-19 protocols.

Professional background in CRO´s and Pharmaceutical industry. Greatly motivated by new challenges, continuous learning & mentoring team members.
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Jessica Ramirez

Clinical Operations Manager
Jessica has a Bachelor’s Sciences Degree by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, she has over 15 years of experience in Clinical Research in the Contract Research Organization (CRO) working on behalf of Pharmaceutical Companies. Furthermore, she has more than 1 year of experience in Pharmaceutical Company. Experience in Electronic Data Capture trials: eTrials, RAVE, Oracle, Inform, SIP, Veeva Vault and CTMS.

She performs managing clinical operations department, including perform study projections and risk assessment, tool development, study plans, and team training, maintains timely and effective communication among team members and client.

Routinely anticipates/identifies potential issues and implements corrective actions independently. She assumes responsibility for team management including participation in all type of visits (Remote or/and Onsite visits: PSV, SIV, SMV and COV) assuring compliance with protocol requirements, effective subject identification, safety reporting and IP proper handling.
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Jaime Hinojosa

Quality Assurance Manager
Jaime believes that working with passion and quality results in the success and continuity of the entire organization.

He has extensive experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems for the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research and health services.

He has worked as Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Authorized Third Parties for the realization of drug interchangeability studies and as Quality Management Manager for clinical research sites.

Jaime has a degree in Clinical Chemistry Biologist from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, he has a Master's Degree in Quality Systems Administration from the Research Institute in Quality Processes. During his professional life, he has held various positions such as Quality Control Specialist, Quality and Training Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Manager of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs.
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Yadira Angel

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Yadira is Pharmacist graduated at the National University of Colombia (UNAL) and coursed the MBA program at IMF Bussiness School in Spain, she also has a postgraduate in Epidemiology and Public Health in University Javeriana in Colombia.

Yadira is a passionate and dedicated proffesional with 15 years of experience in Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industries where has led successful initiatives in special in Clinical Trials where has recieved many recognizions and price for her gestion and dedication, always procuring custumer satisfaction.

As of April 2021, he joined Cohortias as a Regulatory Affairs Senior Professional in Colombia.
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Erika Guajardo

Project Manager
Erika studied a degree in Biological Pharmaceutical Chemist at the Chemical Faculty of UNAM and has a Master of Science.

She has 19 years of experience in Clinical Research including Monitoring, Start Up Phase Studies, Phase 4 Studies (Real World) and Management of Phase 3 and Phase 4 Studies.
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Daniela Maresca

Country Lead Argentina
Daniela Maresca studied social communication and social psychology.

She began working in the clinical research industry in 2006 as a Regulatory Specialist, and since then has worked for several renowned companies specializing in clinical trials.

She has specialized in the regulatory process in Argentina, and in her last experiences she has worked in the coordination of projects for LATAM.
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Ileana Sánchez

Reagulatory Affairs Manager
Over 17 years of experience in clinical research in large CROs as well as in a global pharmaceutical companies. Specialized and highly experienced in the Regulatory Affairs and Local Ethics Committee. She also has experience in imports and exports, negotiation and generation of contracts, supplier budgets, payments to sites. Highly quality and results oriented professional with great attention to detail

She likes challenges and teamwork.
High focus providing growth to others team members and consolidation to the clinical research area, as well as to the coworkers.
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Sanjuanita Regalado

Pharmacovigilance Officer
Sanjuanita is a pediatrician graduated from the University of Monterrey with a Master's degree in Bioethics from the College of Bioethics of Nuevo León.

She has more than 20 years of experience working in clinical research in phase III clinical trials and bioequivalence studies, which allow her to work with national and international regulations, in addition to collaborating in inspections by authorities such as COFEPRIS, FDA, ANVISA and INVIMA.

She is convinced that teamwork is the key to achieving the established goals.
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Operational Team

Diana González

Senior Clinical Research Associate
Diana Gonzalez has 17 years of experience working in Clinical Research as (CRA, Sr CRA); in multi-national studies (phase I-IV) for a CRO and Pharmaceutical Companies, this experience has allowed her to gain a full and comprehensive information on the conduct of clinical trials.

Her therapeutic experience includes: Ophthalmology, Heart Failure, Oncology, Rheumatology, Endocrine /Metabolic, Infectious Diseases and vaccines. Significant experience on inpatient Monitoring, Heart Failure and Rheumatology.

In charge of full monitoring activities since site selection up to closeout activities, including audits and CAPA resolution. Has provided GCP training to investigational sites, assuring adherence to Good Clinical Practice, data integrity, and compliance with protocol, study procedures as well with local and International regulations. Encouraging teamwork and committing to meet the goals required by the Sponsor.
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Alexis Ybarra

Regulatory Affairs Associate
Bachelor's degree in Biochemical Engineering with a specialty in biotechnology from the National Technological Institute of Mexico. Alexis has over 3 years of regulatory affairs experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including orthopedic medical devices, implants, and IVDs. He has developed skills in the regulatory area to improve the quality of life of patients and consumers, obtain authorizations in procedures and health licenses in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Magdalena Ortega

Sr. Clinical Research Associate
Magdalena studied a degree in Chemical Engineering with a Specialty in Statistics and Quality applied to industry.
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Haydee Nava

Study Start Up Associate
Bachelor Degree in Business Relationships at IPN, whit more than 7 years of experience in Clinical Sciences and 10 years into Business Administration and Commercial Relationships, professional background in Marketing and know development on Startup phase, submissions and approval process with Ethic Committees, continuous learning in ICH guidelines and GCPs.

Currently in Startup phase Finding & evaluating potential sites who have patient populations and skills to execute the study, also involved in the process of managing the dissemination, completion and collection of essential information for all sites and investigators
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Alma Iñarritu

Study Star-up Specialist
Alma studied International Relations at the Facultad de Políticas y Ciencias Sociales de la UNAM s.

She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and has 10 years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Clinical Research, has carried out regulatory activities and launched studies related to the development of clinical trials.
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Luisa Cavazos

TMF Specialist
Luisa graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology Engineering with concentration in Molecular Biology from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). As an undergraduate student, she started working in research leaned toward the areas of nutrition science and health care.

Her interest in investigation led her to be co-author in a scientific article as well as being part of a project to obtain compounds used in bio-pharmacology research. She is currently working as a Clinical Research Assistant in Clinical Trials Phase 3 in Cardiology
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Carlos Pérez

Clinical Trial Assistant
Graduate of Chemistry School, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) as Biological Pharmaceutical Chemistry career. With experience in clinical research working for the Instituto Nacional de Perinatología, and in pharmacotherapy follow up in elderly patients with chronic disses, and also sealing medicines and medical devises to government institutions.

I have a Diploma in Nutrition Applications by the Chemistry School (UNAM) and a certificate in technovigilance and good dispensing practices in a drugstore (SICAD) by COFEPRIS.
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Martina Benard

Clinical Research Associate
Martina has a degree in Occupational Therapy, received from the National University of San Martin in Buenos Aires.

She has dedicated herself to the rehabilitation of patients with physical disabilities in the area of ​​traumatology and neurology.
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Melisa Reyes

Regulatory Specialist
Melisa has a Bachelor´s of Business Administration.

She has been working in Pharma Companies and has over 10 years of experience in Regulatory Activities related to Clinical Trials Development.
Melisa joins to Cohortias to contribute patients have a better quality of life.
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Juan Felipe Rosas

Clinical Logistics Coordinator
Juan studied a Technical Career in Traffic and Customs Processing at the ETTA-ESCI school, I have worked in logistics companies such as Ocasa and Marken in which I carried out tasks related to Foreign Trade, monitoring the different protocols assigned to each company,

He also work in a CRO (Parexel) here was in charge of Import and Export logistics, submissions of IL's and EL's before COFEPRIS and the most recent was at Tecomm, a company for the commercialization of chemical solvents for Laboratories.
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Maritza Rojas

Clinical Research Associate II
Maritza is a bacteriologist and clinical laboratory worker with 8 years of experience in the clinical laboratory area and 5 in the clinical research area, including positions as coordinator of clinical studies, safety data specialist carrying out global pharmacovigilance activities, clinical research associate and I am currently working as clinical research associate II in Cohortias
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Natsuko Paniagua

Clinical Research Associate
Natsuko Paniagua is a Biotechnology Engineer with a concentration in molecular biology from ITESM CCM. She completed a master's degree in experimental clinical research in health from UNAM, in which she was able to collaborate with public health institutes of CDMX; her interest in the project with a focus on epigenetics and genetics led her to be the first author of a scientific article.

In 2019, she began her career in clinical research as a CRA and has had experience in both pediatric and adult studies for various pathologies.

She currently works as a Clinical Research Associate, seeking to generate new knowledge and therapeutic alternatives that benefit the population so that they have a better quality of life.
Email Natsuko

Alfredo Amor

Project Manager
Biomedical Engineer with Clinical Specialty from UIA. Diploma in Clinical Studies from UNAM. Diploma in Project Management from ITAM. Diploma in Project Management Professional from NETEC.

Diploma in Computational Genomics from UNAM. Master's degree in Leadership and Health Administration. Master's degree in Health Informatics. Professional experience in training, service, and clinical studies in medical teams. Hospital Network Consultant.

Clinical Monitor. Management of Medical Equipment Service, Vice President of the Postgraduate Association of the University of Wollongong Australia. Project Manager in healthcare, regulatory affairs, clinical studies in medical equipment, biomedical product development, process and product innovation. LATAM Project Manager in the development and implementation of medical software. Project Manager Clinical Operations.
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Gustavo Lobo

Clinical Research Associate
Bachelor of Medicine Degree by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

He has more of 15 years of experience in Clinical Research working for and big size CROs and pharm, developing his career in clinical monitoring as CRA and safety as Medical Monitor, his last position was focused coaching and mentoring of competence a Clinical Laboratories group involved in an Institutional Health Project SSA. Health Program developed to Guadalajara Jalisco Government in according to local requirements to provide health support to population in Guadalajara city.

He has monitored many therapeutic areas such as Cardiovascular, Endocrine Disorders, Infectious and Infestations, HIV, Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders, Neoplasms Benign, Malignant and Unspecified, Breast Cancer, Small Cell Lung Cancer, Nervous System Disorders
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Administrative & Business Development

Oscar Luviano

Finance and Administration Director
Oscar has a degree in Public Accounting from the Technological University of Mexico, with a Master's degree in Corporate and Stock Market Finance from the Anáhuac del Sur University.

He has 15 years of professional experience working for international companies, highlighting 6 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry in companies such as Novartis, Ipsen and Shire.
Email Oscar

Pedro Álvarez

Business Development Manager
Pedro is passionate about developing marketing campaigns with meaning, he specializes in effectively optimizing marketing plans that integrates traditional and online media to position brands, products and services.

His work always delivers creative and well thought out efforts that can be represented in meaningful and reliable metrics. Pedro defines himself as someone committed to what he does, motivated by new challenges and as someone that has the ability to work under pressure.

Mr. Alvarez graduated in 2016 from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communication. He also obtained an Associate Degree in Business and Administration from Western Texas College, Snyder, TX.
Email Pedro

Emire Rousselon

Human Resources
Emire, is the Corporate Assistant in Cohortias International. Before joining Cohortias in 2017, Emire worked as an Executive Assistant with the Director of the School of Biotechnology and Health of Tecnologico de Monterrey for 14 years, where she supported the full operations from the directors office and the Board of the School, as well as all the team of healthcare professionals.

With over 20 years of experience office as executive assistant positions and a track record of strong performance in high volume, high pressure environments. She has always has had the control and execution of the Finances of the units under her responsibility, she has a working experience on the SAP environment to manage her finance responsibilities.

Emire skillfully manages administrative duties and client relations for her colleagues at Cohortias International. Always seeking for the satisfaction and comfort of the client. She always looks for the benefit of the company and all her coworkers.
Email Emire

Angel Herrera

Finance Administration Coordinator
Angel is passionate about numbers; he specializes in optimizing the cash flow of the company and the payments planning. His work always delivers well thought efforts that can be optimized the cash flow of the company.

Angel defines himself as a hard work person, motivated to overcome and prevent the challenges that arise and as someone that can work under pressure.

Angel graduated in 2012 from Monterrey institute of technology and higher education witch a bachelor's degree in international agribusiness. He also has a master's degree in business administration from Monterrey institute of technology and higher education.
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Nereo Anaya

Marketing Coordinator
He specializes in social media management, content creation for digital media, and video production. He reflects his work through established metrics and the quality of each one of them.

Nereo defines himself as a person full of creativity, who likes to work hard and set new challenges every day.

Nereo graduated in 2020 from Universidad del Valle de México with a Executive Bacherlor´s Degree in Marketing.
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