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Cohortias was formed because from a board member’s personal experience. After one of his close relatives was diagnosed with a then untreatable condition, he pursued alternative options in clinical research and discovered the lack of resources available in Latin America.

This motivated him to start a conversation between physicians and leaders in clinical research with an International CRO (Julius Clinical).

After a long period of planning and dialogue between the two, Cohortias was formed with one goal in mind: To provide the Latin American population with the opportunity to participate in potentially life saving treatments through clinical research.

“Transforming Lives through Clinical Research”

Martijn Wallert, CEO & Co-Founder

Rodrigo Salas Benavides

Board Member

In 2000 my wife was diagnosed with a deadly cancer called Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST). After a couple of surgeries we were informed that she had 6 months to live. She was 35 and we had 5 children. Our only option available was to participate in a clinical trial. After 3 months we found one slot at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. We were the only non-Americans participating in the trial. After two more surgeries, participation in 4 other studies and 6 years later, my wife lost her battle with cancer. Me and the kids we had the opportunity to enjoy 6 beautiful years as a family thanks to Clinical Research and the good work from professional doctors and institutions who were warriors in the field of oncology research.

Unfortunately, access to cutting edge clinical trials is less prevalent in Latin America, so I committed my life to bringing clinical trials to our region. My wish is to give the Latin American people the opportunity to participate in potentially life-saving treatments through clinical research. I was very proud that we were able to bring this dream to action with the formation of Cohortias International, for the future of research and advancement of medicine, one patient at a time.

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